Continuing the tales of international cats

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Badoit seems to have looked around and decided that she likes this new place. She is completely at ease. The two large doors that open onto the south-facing terrace let in a lot of sunlight. But the bottom two feet is solid, which means that a cat can’t sit and look out. So we moved a chair over there. Badoit instantly jumped up, surveyed her new territory, curled up and went to sleep. We bought a seat cushion for her, and now this is her place. At this very moment, she is sitting in the full sun, in the midst of a full cat bath.

On the other hand, Pelegrina can’t seem to get comfortable with all these changes. She spends the days under the covers in our bed. She joins us at meal times (she is a cat, after all). When we are sitting in the big chairs in the living room, she sometimes will come to sit on top of one of us. And she sleeps on the bed at night with us. But she is skittish about any new noise, and tends to cough up her food if startled. She does seem to take comfort when we are here, but when we aren’t, she is back under the bedcovers. Hopefully this is just a slower process for her to acclimate. Nonetheless, we have an appointment with a recommended local vet for early next week.

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