We had seen a YouTube video of the Petit Chef experience a few years ago, so when we discovered that the show was being offered in our Stockholm hotel (AtSix Hotel), we jumped at the chance to experience it.

The hosts escorted all the diners into a room with long nicely lit tables, set against a giant display screen. At each place setting was a closed leather-bound book. Once everyone was settled, we were asked to open the books to a middle blank page. Projected from above, a tiny animated French chef appeared on each book. He started to tell us all about his history as a young chef in Marseille.

(The stripes in the images come from trying to photograph the projected computer images.)

We all sat transfixed, smiling and laughing as the little chef wandered around the table and turned virtual pages in the books to show us post cards and animations of his travels across Asia.


Images and patterns from his adventures spilled out beyond the books, coloring the entire table with gently animated patterns, like living fabric.

At various points in his story, the illustrations slowed to attractive background, and the waiters brought remarkably tasty clever dishes.

Depending on the theme of the dish, the display screen filled an entire wall with lovely evocative imagery. For example, floating candles in paper rose into the night sky as we ate our Chinese-inspired course.

The experience of the table’s coming alive with the Petit Chef’s charming story delighted us: a little theater magically appearing on the table. To our surprise, the food was good too! Highly recommended!

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  1. I was just thinking about you guys when you sent the blog what an interesting experience wish I could have been there to see for myself FYI my vacation is getting closer 2 more weeks 👏👏👏✈️✈️

  2. Omg I actually look 👀 at the video it’s amazing how they can create something like that I love it thank you for sharing never in my life have I seen something like that how do they do that 🤔😮

  3. Hi I wanted to ask you the last picture is that a dessert dish that has smoke coming out of the dish when you pour liquid around the dish what kind of dessert is that ?? And I just love the petite chef 👨‍🍳 I can hear you laughing and the delight in your face lol

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