Arctic Gourmet Cabin, Kaalasjärvi

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Charming, delicious, intimate accommodation in the arctic countryside

We stayed one night in one of the two free-standing cabins set in the snowy landscape. The couple and their two young children who own this accommodation live right next door. The guest area includes two double-bed cabins, one tiny kitchen / dining room, a separate sauna / shower / incineration toilet structure, and an outdoor hot tub.



You can’t believe how important these boots were!

The husband drove us from our previous lodge to his place, detouring along the way to help us spot moose in the wild.


Upon arrival at the cabins, he told us that he was also the chef and would be preparing dinner for the four of us that evening. The kitchen / dining room was just large enough to hold two two-person tables, a stove and oven, and small refrigerator. Somehow however the chef prepared, with good humor, a fine three-course dinner right next to us. The menu included a traditional fish roe / sour cream / onion / lemon / toast starter; and perfectly cooked reindeer main course. The food was really good. The chef’s energy was playful. It was like we had a private chef in our own country cabin.


Our rooms were cozy and comfortable, with large windows looking out through the trees to the frozen lake beyond. Our host gave us detailed instructions about how to use the incineration toilet! Since the accommodation cabins are separate from the toilet / shower / sauna cabin, if you need the toilet in the night, you must dash a short distance across the snow to the facilities. Your bed will feel warm and cozy once you get back!

From the cabin window
On a dusk walk on the adjacent frozen lake

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