Lockdown again was hardly unforeseen 
Blocked destinations on all our screens
Gotta innovate
Our own tasty plates
Around the world at home in quarantine
A crowded bar, a tapas beginner
This place is a prize winner
Fresh from the frying pan
Grab as many as you can
How many plates make up a dinner?
Autumn days: What’re you nuts about?
Choucroute? What’re you talkin' about?
It’s Alsace and Lorraine
But Germany’s germane
Pork ‘n’ wurst ‘n’ beer ‘n’ sauerkraut!
Roman cafe that we came upon
Low blood sugar, grump and yawn 
What’re the odds?
Thank the gods
Pizza Margherita Pantheon
The tulips are stunning, no one disagrees,
A leisurely canal tour doesn’t displease
Empty stomach’s in a jam
Need something in Amsterdam
Gimme beer and a wheel of Gouda cheese
Supermarket sushi’s bland and slow
Same ol’ tuna, same ol’ salmon roe
The tastes are slight 
Like black and white
But in Tokyo, ichiban rainbow

Bon voyage…

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