The house we are renting was built in the 1930s. It is the only colorful house in the neighborhood, matching our colorful characters? The main living spaces are on the upper floor, with the bedrooms on the ground floor. There is a small pool in the back, on the south side (not that we were aiming to have a pool!). The kitchen and main living room face south through tall windows. So, even though it is cold outside, when the sun comes out, it is delightful in these rooms.

So far, the temperature has ranged from about freezing to 50 deg F, but a cold snap is predicted starting today (Tuesday), so it will likely hover just below and above freezing for a few days. The house has a fantastic electric radiator system, with controls in each room. We have been very comfortable day and night. The house is a bit too large for us, so we have left a few rooms closed off and set to cooler temperatures. The bedroom is nice a cool at night — the comforter feels wonderful — and the bathroom is always nice and warm.

The French approach to toilets is to put them in their own little rooms — for obvious reasons! But the toilet rooms in this house don’t have their own radiators. So, if we forget to open the door before going to bed, the morning presents a chilly experience!

The owners provided some chairs and sofas, two beds, a kitchen table with chairs, and a dining table with chairs, as well as a few miscellaneous tables and lamps. All a bit on the worn side. Beware when sitting on the main sofa; you’ll get swallowed up! But all this is OK. It allows us to move in and start living, without pressure to furnish an entire house all at once. We do intend, however, to buy a good large bed as soon as we can.

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