We are just in the beginnings of finding new rhythms and ingredients for meals. As much as we’d like to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the budget won’t support that. And I think the waistlines would complain as well. But this is hardly a hardship. Between the fresh produce, cheese, olives and bread from the town-square weekly market, and the rest of the French supermarket food, we are already noticing the freshness and local flavors.

The other night, Mike heated up pre-cooked duck-confit legs from the supermarket, and prepared some fresh leeks from the market (with white wine, and locally mixed sea salt / dry mushroom spice). I know that whatever he prepares will be good, but we both raised our eyebrows at how fresh the leeks tasted, how the salt flavor highlighted the wine and leeks, and how crisp and delicious the duck legs were. We had assembled a few cheeses for a taste after the main course, followed by a piece each of napoleon dessert. All with a bottle of local red wine (which, truth to be told, isn’t always that great, but it only cost EUR4 or about $4.50!). We all know that the hype about French food celebrates freshness and local ingredients. It turns out to be true. As you all know, this was one of the main reasons for our wanting to move here. Much relief that daily living and eating here can meet our expectations.

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